Shine serves customers. That is who we are.

We strive to be the best service company in the industry by taking a very long-term approach to customer service.

At Shine we seek to create lifetime customers.

We strive to make your Christmas Light Installation service so enjoyable you will schedule with us as long as you own your home, tell your friends about us; and allow us to serve you in your next home.

Shine has been a service business serving thousands of clients for over 15 years because we love customers and promise to serve them with professionalism and integrity. This includes everything from wearing shoe coverings in your home, protecting your furniture, carpets and valuables with towels and rugs and training our employees to do the same.

The Shine Guarantee

At Shine we promise to treat your house or business as it was your own and to provide service in a way that will turn you into a life-time customer.

The Shine Guarantee is our Name. It means a 100% total Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are unhappy with any part of the Shine Experience please let us know and we will work until you are so happy you want to tell your friends about us.

When you schedule with Shine we promise to:

  • Communicate Honesty
  • Operate Safely
  • Protect you with our insurance policy
  • Behave Professionally
  • Serve With a Smile
  • Provide Excellent Work


We ask our employees to view everything through the SHINE lens; when you make a decision consider the customer, yourself and business and ask if your actions are:

  • Smart
  • Healthy
  • Is it Safe
  • Nice and Friendly
  • Ethical

What is the Shine Franchise Vision?

VISION is the ability to see what could be and a passionate belief that it should be that way.

VISION is clearly seeing where we want to go and who we want to be.

The SHINE VISION is to be best in serving and caring for our customers and our team while growing a smart, healthy and profitable business.

What is the Shine Franchise Mission?

MISSION is how we plan to get there.

The SHINE MISSION will help us reach our vision by working together to be smarter, healthier, safer, nicer and more ethical in all areas of our business so we can provide a brighter experience to each and every client.

What are Values?

In order to accomplish our mission, we need guiding principles which empower the team to make decisions that align with our mission and are non negotiable with the team. As we live out our VALUES, we grow our team culture.


  • Being a Light
  • Making a Difference
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Servant Heart Leadership

What is Our Culture?

Culture is the feel of our organization.

Culture answers the question of how we do it here. Culture is seen most through the way the team interacts and values others than in words written on a wall or in a manual.

In generations past, names were chosen that described a person. Shine is the name that was chosen to describe the work we do, the people that do it and the God whom we serve. Our hope is that others can see something different, something that our communities are attracted to.

Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men.”