Main Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Shine different?

Our mission is to make you happy. Shine is continually improving every aspect of our business so you can be happy with how your home or business looks and feels each holiday season. To outshine our competitors, take every step to make sure you shine. We’re committed to that.

How much experience does Shine have?

Shine has been in business since 1998. Initially, we specialized in window cleaning. In 2006, we added holiday lighting to our services. We have decorated several hundreds of homes and have over 50 years of combined experience.

Is Shine insured?

Safety and liability is important. Yes, Shine is fully insured for your and our security and safety.

When do you start installing lights and when do you take them down?

Typically, we start installing lights in mid October and continue installing through the week of Christmas. If you decide to have your lights installed in October, we suggest leaving them off until you are ready to light them up. If you have greenery such as garland and/or wreaths, we will come back in November to install these items. Normally, we start taking down lights shortly after New Year’s Day. If you have a personal preference to have them up longer, we honor that through the end of January.

If I want my lights up around the time of Thanksgiving, when should I schedule an estimate?

The weeks surrounding Thanksgiving are our most requested time of year. For holiday lighting, we perform estimates throughout the entire year and we suggest you schedule an appointment for an estimate by September.

I have my own lights, will you install them?

At Shine, we provide the product in our program. We are designed to be hassle-free. We created the best possible program for those who always want the best looking lights without any hassle. We carry the same line of lights year after year. This is important because if a strand or two goes out, we always have the exact replacement for that exact color tone. If you purchased lights from a box store, chances are that box store will not carry that exact same lighting product next year. This means, you will always have some mismatched lights… Another reason is more about the labor. We charge based on labor and if we are spending a lot of time sorting through lights and trying to untangle the good ones, the labor costs would probably be higher than the cost we charge for the lights in your program. There are many reasons – but, the most important is that we are making these programs as hassle-free as possible for you!

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